Hello everyone! Sorry for being so quiet, but I’ve been on a mini-vacation with family and tomorrow’s my birthday, so life has been busy! Needless to say that I’m extremely excited to announce that Valiance is ready for prime time! Soon, links will be available at Amazon, Nook, Apple Books, and Kobo, as well as digital lending libraries and services such as Scribd.

Here’s a glimpse of Valiance:

Hailed as demigods from a fallen realm, Abcynians and their panthera guardians evolved into shifters to protect ancient civilizations from their malevolent adversaries. Centuries later, war between the Abcynians and Saturians has crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

Cast into the belly of an enemy’s ship to die, Valiant Montgomery seeks absolution for failing to keep his promise to Mary Ainsworth, his fated queen. Needing a miracle, he prays she is somewhere safe with a family of her own. He never expects his prayer to be answered, much less to be rescued by a crew of Abcynians. When he discovers the Saturians used his marquisate to stage the slaughter of his species and left his father for dead, he questions if he is worthy of his beloved.

Gunslinger Gabriel Blakemore returned to privateering to search for his sister’s lost prince. Aware that the heir to the Abcynian throne has a long row to hoe, he invites Valiant to put down roots in Dare, Arizona. In truth, however, he can’t stop thinking about his feisty neighbor Izzy Patterson and worries that his nightmarish past might frighten her away.

During the voyage to America, Valiant and Gabriel vow to reunite with the women they love and rely on a new ally with the heart of a jaguar to heal Lucien Montgomery’s shattered soul. Once home, Valiant and Mary fulfill their fate and Gabriel wins Izzy’s heart. All the while, a malevolent foe threatens to unleash unimaginable losses upon their families and the townsfolk of Dare. To save them, the destined King and Crown Prince must lead the Abcynians into a showdown between good and evil…or humanity itself will become extinct.

Excerpts have also been posted throughout the last two weeks. Stay Tuned!

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