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In the spirit of a New Release: Valiance, The Abcynians Book V, I’d thought I’d share the links and cover blurbs for Books 1-5, in addition to the links, which are also available on Amazon, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, and so much more!

Persuasion, The Abcynians Book I

As an Abcynian Elder, Garrick Forrester has survived wars, plagues, and arranged marriages. Nothing he’s experienced prepares him for the discovery of his mate living in his demesne, or for her resistance.
While aiding a child, Aisley Reeves is rescued by the Earl of Danford, whom a village healer should never dare approach without being summoned. At first, she is fascinated with the dark, mesmerizing lord who tempts her in a way no man has ever done. After he claims she’s to become his betrothed, she balks.
Already fearful her work and red hair might cause some to brand her as a witch, she believes it is best to keep her distance. When Aisley suffers a near mortal injury at the hands of his enemies, Garrick must gain her trust so that he can protect her. But can she trust her life to a man who is far more than…human?

Pride, The Abcynians Book II

Plagued by headaches and memory loss after a life-threatening injury, Rhiannon has spent years confined behind the walls of a decrepit castle. When a loathsome earl attempts to earn her favor with an extravagant painting, she is inexplicably drawn to its depiction of an ancient, mythical race. Believing the Florentine artist could be the key to unlocking her past, she and her maid escape, hoping to enlist his aid. Upon reaching the Piazza della Signoria months later, she is unaware that the handsomest man amongst the lavish merchants is the one she seeks.
Dante Luciano is considered the most renowned artist of his time. His patrons are wealthy and powerful. His charm and prowess with women legendary. Yet, as the adopted son of the king of his kind, he must guard his secrets. For he possesses the heart and soul of a panthera prince, therefore, able to shift into a lion. Taken by the discovery of a rare Abcynian female nearby, he recognizes her as his destined mate. Discovering Rhiannon is stricken with debilitating pain, he takes her home, providing the remedies, protection, and knowledge she needs to survive.
While she heals, they fall in love, beginning to plan a future together. However, when her memory returns, imminent danger looms. It’ll take all of Dante’s abilities and the Abcynians to save Rhiannon from a vicious, beastly foe.

Redemption, The Abcynians Book III

They have lived for centuries. An ancient, secretive race of were-panthers faced with near extinction. To assure their survival they must conceal their identities and abilities, while protecting mankind from an unimaginable, primordial evil.
Redemption: The Abcynians, Book III
Her ship overtaken by pirates, Jocelyn Kincaid is rescued by Captain Don Adriano de Montoya. Initially afraid of the privateer sailors call El Fantasma, she discovers he is not the ghost some have portrayed him to be. He claims to be part of a mythical race—and her mate! Fascinated, she’s brokenhearted when he makes plans to sail her home to Boston.
Haunted by the memory of his murdered family, Adriano has sworn to ruin the man he holds responsible for their deaths. When he unexpectedly finds his mate aboard an enemy ship, he saves her life. Despite their unprecedented attraction, he keeps his distance until he learns a secret about Jocelyn that could potentially endanger her and Abcynian kind.
Determined to keep the woman he loves safe, his mission changes. But when she discovers the truth he’s guarding, will she forgive him, or set him on a path of destruction?

Scandalous, The Abcynians Book IV

The Royal Advisor to the King of the Abcynians, Nicholas, Duke of Arrington, is inscrutable, lofty, and elusive. A widower with two grown sons and no intention of remarrying, he never expects to meet Miss Regan Saunders while walking through Parade Gardens. Aware that she’s his destined mate, he’s fascinated. For not only is she prepared to push the boundaries of society’s expectations of a gentlewoman to become a doctor, she’s an Abcynian Guard, therefore, capable of protecting his and his family’s secrets.

Due to horrific betrayal by his first duchess, he believes it’s best to court her with the utmost discretion to avoid a scandal that could lead to her ruination. Nevertheless, when Regan becomes the target of a macabre killer, Nicholas will stop at nothing to protect her, including marriage.

Despite the rushed circumstances, it isn’t long before they open their hearts, falling in love, neither aware that an assassin has been plotting with an ancient adversary to destroy the Abcynians for centuries. To expose the truth, they’ll risk everything they hold dear to stop a predator before it’s too late.

Valiance, The Abcynians Book V

Cast into the belly of an enemy’s ship to die, Valiant Montgomery seeks absolution for failing to keep his promise to Mary Ainsworth, his fated queen. Needing a miracle, he prays she is somewhere safe with a family of her own. He never expects his prayer to be answered, much less to be rescued by a crew of Abcynians. When he discovers the Saturians used his marquisate to stage the slaughter of his species and left his father for dead, he questions if he is worthy of his beloved.

Gunslinger Gabriel Blakemore returned to privateering to search for his sister’s lost prince. Aware that the heir to the Abcynian throne has a long row to hoe, he invites Valiant to put down roots in Dare, Arizona. In truth, however, he can’t stop thinking about his feisty neighbor Izzy Patterson and worries that his nightmarish past might frighten her away.

During the voyage to America, Valiant and Gabriel vow to reunite with the women they love while a new ally with the heart of a jaguar promises to heal Lucien Montgomery’s shattered soul. Once home, Valiant and Mary fulfill their fate and Gabriel wins Izzy’s heart.

All the while, a malevolent foe threatens to unleash unimaginable losses upon their families and the townsfolk of Dare. To save them, the destined King and Crown Prince must lead the Abcynians into a showdown between good and evil…or humanity itself will become extinct.

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