Welcome back! I’m pleased to announce that I’ve enrolled Persuasion, The Abcynians Book I, Pride, The Abcynians Book II, Redemption, The Abcynians Book III, Scandalous, The Abcynians Book IV, and the series finale, Valiance, The Abcynians Book V, at Amazon for KDP Select. More so, starting Monday August 30, 2021 Persuasion will be available for free for a limited time! Likewise, if you’ve subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, each book is available to read. Enjoy!

Even better, if you’ve got a Kindle or a Kindle app on your favorite tablet or iPad, you can enroll in Kindle Unlimited and each and very book in the Abcynians series is available. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll check them out.

First, let me introduce you to Garrick and Aisley Forrester!

As an Abcynian Elder, Garrick Forrester has survived wars, plagues, and arranged marriages. Nothing he’s experienced prepares him for the discovery of his mate living in his demesne, or for her resistance.
While aiding a child, Aisley Reeves is rescued by the Earl of Danford, whom a village healer should never dare approach without being summoned. At first, she is fascinated with the dark, mesmerizing lord who tempts her in a way no man has ever done. After he claims she’s to become his betrothed, she balks.
Already fearful her work and red hair might cause some to brand her as a witch, she believes it is best to keep her distance. When Aisley suffers a near mortal injury at the hands of his enemies, Garrick must gain her trust so that he can protect her. But can she trust her life to a man who is far more than…human?

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