Greetings! Apologies for being absent recently, it’s for a very good reason, me and my family have moved and it’s taken time to get settled and feel at home, as you can imagine.

The good news is, I’ve a New Release! That’s right. Field of Play, Alexandria Griffins Book 2, is Available Now at Amazon, B&N Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, Smashwords, and More! Links to be added shortly!

If you’re a reader, you may be familiar with Quarterback Blitz, featuring QB Kyran Black and Anna James, the mascot for the Alexandria Griffins, which launched the Alexandria Griffins series. Field of Play, features star wideout/wide receiver Dallas McKay who hires PI Grace Daniels to help him find his birth parents. It’s a hot, contemporary romance with a dash of suspense and, as always, a Happily Ever After ending!

Here’s a Blurb:

When PI Grace Daniels meets swoon-worthy football star Dallas McKay, she wouldn’t mind engaging in a little consensual unnecessary roughness with him! But this is a job, and she will remain professional no matter how much McKay’s charming grin threatens to draw her offsides.
A career-ending attack on a teammate has Dallas searching for answers about his past and birth family. When a snowed-in weekend puts him and Grace in an unexpected timeout, they share secrets, desires…and realize they have far more in common than meets the eye.
Except once the snow thaws and Grace’s investigation begins in earnest, conspiratorial outsiders threaten to turn the field of play into a dangerous game. Can Grace and Dallas unravel and expose their opponents before time runs out?


On a third and long with one last shot at the endzone, QB Ricky Weathers lasered the football to wideout Dallas McKay, who caught it in stride and ran into the endzone, scoring the game-winning TD as the clock struck zero!

“They did it, Anna, the Griffins pulled off a miracle comeback,” Grace shouted to her friend, both of them on their feet as rock music blasted throughout the stadium, the players rushed the field, and crowd positively electric.

Caught up in moment, Grace whipped off her glove, tucked two fingers between her lips, and blew a two-fingered whistle, miraculously seeming to draw Dallas away from his teammates only to remove his helmet and stare—at her! 

“Oh my god, Grace, you better sit down, Dallas just chose to celebrate that TD with you,” Anna Black warned a heartbeat before he sprinted toward them, scaled a ramp, then hopped over a railing to stand right in front of her just as she reclaimed her seat.

“Hi, you must be Grace,” he said, surprising her further by offering the football still in his hand. “Think you could hold this for me until we meet up later?”

“Um, sure,” she answered, reaching for the ball just as he suddenly slipped on something and ended up in her lap! “Oh, my god, I’m so sorry.”

“No apologies, beautiful. Are you hurt?” he asked, the warmth of his body combined with the deep resonance with a hint of a southern drawl in his voice heating her up far better than the puffy coat, gloves, and hiking boots with little warming packs inside.

“Not at all, Mr. McKay,” she assured, glancing over at Anna, who was beaming at the interaction.

“Name’s Dallas. As to the ball, it’s for a kid who couldn’t make it tonight and I’d like to make sure nothing happens to it.”

“In that case, I’ll keep it safe. Promise,” she said, being certain to put her glove back on before accepting the ball.

“Thanks. Please, forgive me for the botched introduction,” he said, his compelling dark brown eyes drawing her attention to his incredibly handsome face that must’ve been chiseled by fallen angels.

“I don’t know, having Dallas McKay on my lap is icing on the cake after that TD,” she countered, blinking when snowflakes peppered his straight shoulder-length raven-black hair. My god, he was sex in a football uniform and cleats.

“Congrats on that TD, Dallas, you and Ricky have honed the two-minute drill to perfection,” Anna said from the seat next to her.

Dallas looked over at Anna, smiled, then got to his feet. His height was otherworldly. Exactly how tall Grace didn’t know, but at six-two, it was rare for her to feel petite.

“Hey, Anna, thanks for the props. God, tell me I didn’t hurt you or the babies when I slipped,” he asked when she got to her feet to hug him then stepped back. 

“I’m good, don’t you worry. Before you go back to your teammates, allow me to make the introduction official. Dallas McKay, this is Grace Daniels.” 

“Kinda figured that out when I heard her whistle. Hi, Grace, nice to meet you,” he said, accepting her offer for a handshake, his touch giving her butterflies despite the gloves, his gentle pull drawing her to her feet. 

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, too,” she replied, grinning. “Matter of fact, I’m thinking it’s time to retire my collection of baseball jerseys for one of yours.” 

“What’s this? You don’t have a Dallas McKay jersey?” he teased, releasing her hand to rest his own over his heart, making her laugh.

“Sorry, no, but in my defense, I grew up playing baseball and softball, the latter of which got me into Maryland on a scholarship.”

“Nothing wrong with that. What position?”

“Catcher. Tended to be a line drive hitter, racked up RBIs.”

“Nice. Would love to learn more about it. Do you have a stadium pass?” he asked, making a gesture in midair and Anna handed him a Sharpie.

“I do,” Grace said, jostling the football long enough to dig into the pocket of her winter coat and withdrawing a lanyard with a plastic card attached that would afford her access to the interwoven network behind the scenes of the stadium.

“This should get you through security quickly. Any problems, Anna will know what to do,” he assured, scrawling VIP and his name across the card in indelible marker.

“Appreciate it,” she replied, willing herself not to let the cameras catch her appreciating his fantastic ass as he turned toward someone on the field shouting his name.

“Thank you for agreeing to meet with me tonight.” Giving her his full attention again, something in his gaze shifted, the heat reflected stoking her awareness of him in a way that had nothing to do with the reason they were meeting in the first place. “Of course, already looking forward to it,” she agreed, retaining the football and her pass as he withdrew, navigating the wall as easily as he’d scaled it the first time. 

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